Workout Plan App

A simple workout tracker built for your fitness goals

Designed to be simple

Focus on your workout and we will keep you focused on your goals

See your progression over time and set personal bests.

Syncs across all your Apple devices for peace of mind

picture of workout plan bot workout tracking screen within iOS Device.
picture of workout plan bot workout tracking statistics screen within iOS Device.

Share your workouts

Share your workouts with friends

Receive routines from your personal trainer

Access routines created by our community

Support and Contribute

You can support Workout Plan Bot in many different ways to help us become a better workout tracker app. Most of them don’t require you to spend any money and all of them contribute in making Workout Plan Bot the best workout tracker app.

Write App Store Reviews

Give us a 5-star rating in the App Store and help us to significantly increase the visibility of the App which in turn contributes in adding new workout tracking features to improve the App.

Purchase Premium

Unlock additional workout tracker functionality within the app. This helps pay the bills and supports the continued development of Workout Plan Bot.

Become a Beta Tester

Join the beta testing program and help us test a new version of the app and find bugs before we release it. You can request an invitation here.

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